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Exinous excels in software and hardware solutions, merging expertise and creativity to solve real-world problems, boost corporate success, and improve lives, from concept to production.

Unlocking Innovation with Cutting-Edge Tools from Premier Providers.

Embark on a thrilling innovation journey with our carefully selected, cutting-edge tools from top providers. We're committed to unleashing your potential, helping you pioneer new horizons, and staying at the forefront of technology.

Software Solutions

Exinous is a dynamic software company that provides complete solutions across multiple domains. We are experts in developing web and mobile applications, enterprise software, and business solutions. Furthermore, we have competence in designing unique, custom software solutions. Exinous is a versatile provider that's adept at covering a wide range of software requirements with perfection.

Enterprise and Business Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Design solutions to help businesses manage customer interactions and data.  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

 Create integrated systems to manage and automate business processes across various departments.

Project Management Software 

Develop tools for planning, tracking, and managing projects and tasks.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management Software

 Create applications to optimize inventory and supply chain operations.

Accounting and Financial Software

 Develop software for accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management.

Web Applications

E-commerce Platforms

Create online stores and marketplaces for businesses to sell products and services.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Develop platforms for managing and publishing digital content, often used for websites and blogs.

Booking and Reservation Systems

Create software for booking appointments, flights, hotels, and other services

Specialized Software

Medical and Healthcare Software

Build electronic health records (EHR) systems, medical billing software, and LIMS system.

Industrial and Manufacturing Software

Design solutions for automation, quality control, and production management.  

Scientific and Research Software

Develop software for data analysis, simulations, and research in various scientific fields.

Mobile Applications

Health and Fitness Apps

Develop applications for tracking health metrics, workouts, and nutrition.

Finance and Banking Apps

Develop mobile banking, budgeting, and investment apps.

Hardware Solutions

Exinous, part of a conglomerate with Linkage Technologies and Spectrum Integrated Technologies, is dedicated to delivering top-tier electronic products. Our expertise in R&D, 3D printing, and a vast network of resources empowers them to create innovative solutions. We prioritize excellence in every facet of electronic product development.

Product prototyping

Our product prototyping services encompass cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing (SLA, FDM, SLS) for rapid physical model development, as well as PCB fabrication and assembly (PCBA) to ensure comprehensive testing and validation.

PCB Design and Development

We specialise in manufacturing high-quality, custom printed circuit boards that power advanced electrical solutions for a wide range of applications. Trust us to transform your hardware designs into reality with precision and skill.

Manufacturing and Production

Our manufacturing and production solutions provide a seamless pathway from design to delivery. With precision and efficiency at our core, we turn concepts into reality, ensuring top-quality products ready for market success. Trust us to streamline your production process and bring your innovations to life.

Robust Research and Development

We invest significantly in robust research and development (R&D) as a cornerstone of our hardware solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we continuously explore cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to engineer products that redefine industry standards, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Customization and Integration

Our expert customization and integration services refine hardware solutions to your exact specifications, seamlessly incorporating components and firmware for peak performance. Elevate your hardware to meet precise requirements with confidence.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive testing and quality assurance services ensure that your hardware products meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. With rigorous testing protocols and meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee the utmost quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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