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Our Mission

Harnessing the combined power of technology, people, and processes to deliver world-class software solutions.

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Mehul J. Dave'

Co-Founder and Chairman


Exinous is led by Shreesha Ramaswamy and Arvind Venkatesh, who originally founded Deshik Labs in Mysore, India. While at Deshik, this duo gained a strong reputation as IT solution providers to the local Mysore market.

In 2021, after successes on two large development projects, the Deshik team attracted new international investors and merged into a new Exinous company. Exinous is now expanding its development team and moving forward with challenging projects from an entirely new set of global customers.

Mehul has over 40+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and co-founded numerous startup with several successful exits. His expertise spans software technologies, manufacturing optimization, global supply chain management, and executive management. He has extensive international business experience, having established offices in North America, Europe, China and India from ground-up.


Having run a large global enterprise software business for 30 years, he brings valuable leadership to the Exinous team.

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Michael Schumacher


Michael is the CEO of Linkage Technologies, Inc., which sells and sources printed circuit board solutions. Linkage’s custom iLink ERP system, developed by Exinous team members, has been a huge success for

the business. 


Prior to Linkage, Michael served in a variety of management roles including CFO, CIO and independent industry consultant. He brings a vast array of international experience and financial management skills to the Exinous team

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Shreesha Ramaswamy

Co-Founder and CEO

Shreesha is a young grassroots innovator from Mysore. He has held the position of CEO of Deshik Labs which is involved in additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and software development. He strives to provide solutions underserviced markets while constantly disrupting with innovation and quality.  Shreesha has multiple National and State honors/awards in the field of innovation & science. His experience ranges from software development to various other fields such as mechatronics, manufacturing technologies, industry automation, thermoplastics and composites, computer vision, automobile, acoustics and agriculture to name a few. 


From identifying pain points, managing people, hiring, and building customer relations to successfully managing multiple turnkey projects ranging from metal casting and fabrication including software and services in India, his exposure and experience brings value to the Exinous team. 

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Arvind Venkatesh

Co-Founder and CTO

Arvind is a young and highly experienced software engineer from Mysore. Computers and software keep him hooked and happy. Software has been feeding his curiosity from a very young age. This has enabled him to gain strong fundamentals and in-depth knowledge about software, be it building his own 8-bit computer out of transistors or building a blockchain based decentralized voting system. He excels in cloud technologies, advanced software toolsets and data security to name a few. He has managed multiple projects and initiatives throughout their entire lifecycle with full responsibility for design/architecture, modeling, delivery and execution. 


Arvind's software knowledge combined with great patience and his transparent straightforward approach with clients goes a long way in customer satisfaction. His leadership qualities combined with managing & training teams allows him to build a well-architected high performance and highly scalable software applications making him a key technical pillar for Exinous. 

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